Episode 234

3 Funnels That Will Make Me $30 Million In 2021

Featured Guest: Anik Singal

Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and discover the top 3 funnels that will make $30 million this year.

Two of these funnels are making the cut into 2022. While the third one works well also, Anik explains why he won’t be repeating it next year.

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Episode Game Plan:

Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode and discover the top 3 funnels responsible for over $30 million in sales in 2021.

While all three funnels were profitable for Lurn this year, only 2 are making the cut to 2022.

Listen to today’s episode to discover…

  • Why webinar funnels are getting tougher by the day…
  • 2 big changes you need to make to your webinar funnels right now…
  • The #1 key to making virtual summits successful – do more of this and your audience will throw money at you…
  • Why challenge funnels won’t be making the cut for Lurn in 2022…

Webinar funnels have been responsible for the bulk of Lurn’s revenue this year. 

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