Episode 105

New York City Will Fine $ 250,000 For Saying “Illegal Alien” – WTF?

Freedom of speech – that’s what America stands for,at least it used too…

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Episode Game Plan:

Freedom of speech – that’s what America stands for, at least it used too…

Ironically, there’s a law in New York City that penalizes people for saying this one mysterious word… and we’re talking about $250,000 of penalty charge!

So now the government is going to tell us what we can say and what we cannot say. We are starting to take this idea of offending people to such an extreme level it borderlines ridiculous.

In this episode, Anik revealed what this mysterious word is, and how it will impact our nation in the long run.

Source: https://reason.com/2019/09/30/new-york-city-illegal-aliens-fine-free-speech/

Podcast 3 Keynotes:

  1. What exactly is this mysterious word the New York City will penalize $250,000 without hesitation?
  2. How will this affect our country’s first amendment – Freedom of Speech… and the level of impact it brings to our daily life.
  3. Should we really be fighting for that and if we do, where does that lead us to?

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