Episode 111

HYPOCRISY – NBA & NIKE kneel to China – Freedom Friday

Freedom vs Oppression – Where do you stand?

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Episode Game Plan:

Freedom vs Oppression – Where do you stand?

A recent outbreak in Hong Kong has led to a series of unpleasant consequences in America.

You may or may not notice… Many big companies in America are showing their true colors. They are all fighting against freedom!

Let’s have a real moment here… I was a little taken aback when I realized BIG companies such as The NBA and Nike were willing to compromise their standards for profit purposes.

They believe that gaining more profits (while sabotaging freedom in the most subtle way) is the right thing to do. What they did took me totally by surprise!

In this episode, I exposed all the shocking statistics, numbers and untold facts that will leave you speechless.

Podcast 3 Keynotes:

  1. Why a big China-based broadcasting partner banned all of The Houston Rocket NBA team’s broadcast in China.
  2. The real reason why big companies would compromise their standards and go against freedom right. (The numbers will make your jaw drop.)
  3. Why I decided to boycott NBA and Nike… you’ll be shocked by these dark ugly truths.

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