Episode 245

How To Get $10,000 In Sales With Free Traffic

Featured Guest: Aidan Booth

Join Anik Singal in episode 3 of his 4-part series following how brand new ecommerce store.

He’s joined by ecom expert Aidan Booth who shares the 3 steps to quickly generate your first $10,000 in sales.

Want to know how long it took Anik to hit $10,000? Watch this episode!

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Episode Game Plan:


In Part 3 of our 4-part ecom series, Anik reveals his sales after just 11 days from his brand new ecom store – over $7,100!

He’s joined by ecom expert Aidan Booth. Aidan is one of the creators of the powerful ecom system Anik used to launch this new store in a matter of minutes.

On this episode, Aidan reveals the 3 steps they use to help their students quickly hit their first $10,000 in sales…

  • His top 3 options for free traffic & how they help new ecom owners get wins on the board FAST…
  • The #1 rule to follow when picking products to add to your store…
  • How they apply the 80/20 rule to scale ecom stores to six and even seven figures per year in sales.

Anik even shares a recent personal story and why he’s bullish on a completely different source of free traffic.

Once you’re done watching, make sure you save your seat to join us on Monday, January 24th to see how this system works and to get a full update on how much Anik’s store made in less than a month. Register at  https://www.lurn.com/22.

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