Episode 117

Will The Election Polls Be Wrong Again In 2020? Will Trump Win? How Do Polls Work? – Freedom Friday

Will the election polls be wrong again in 2020?

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Episode Game Plan:

Will the election polls be wrong again in 2020?

According to the definition, a poll is a large representing sample of data. Theoretically, they are reliable data.

What happened in the 2016 election, however, took people by surprise. The poll result was far from the actual result.

So the question remains…

How did the polls fail in the 2016 election?

Podcast 3 Keynotes:

  1. What is the “silent majority”… and how it affects a poll results.
  2. How the polls are conducted… and why the results can’t be 100% trusted.
  3. Will polls affect election results and, in extension, the democracy of our nation?

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