Episode 149

Truckers In The Corona World – Inside The Life “Jim The Trucker” Who Probably Already Had CoronaVirus in January!

Yes, you’re correct – It’s Freedom Friday!

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Episode Game Plan:

Yes, you’re correct – It’s Freedom Friday!

Back by popular demand.

There is much to be said during these uncertain times.

And with the recent pandemic many national and state governments across the world have issued stay at home orders.

For some people, they can work inside their homes…

But for millions of workers across the world and the United States there are essential workers who still work outside of their homes, supporting those who are not allowed to leave.

And this brings me to our guest – Jim The Trucker

In this episode I get a peek into the life of a trucker, which some consider to be, “the lifeblood of the nation.”

Just imagine what life would be like without the truckers out there risking their health and lives supporting millions across the U.S by transporting goods from point A to point B.

Listen as Jim discusses what it’s like to be a trucker during a global pandemic.

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