Episode 256

How I Make 250% On Facebook Ads

Featured Guest: Thomas Kammerer

Join Anik Singal as he interviews Lurn’s Director of Acquisition & Monetization, who reveals how he helps Anik get a 250% return on Facebook ads.

On this episode, Thomas Kammerer reveals the 3 KEY things you need to make a 250% return on ad spend.

And you can discover his 5-step framework & learn how to be profitable with Facebook ads. Just register at https://lurn.com/fbads.

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Episode Game Plan:

Anik continues to focus his attention on TRAFFIC in 2022.

This week, he’s joined by his own Director of Acquisition & Monetization, Thomas Kammerer. 

He reveals the 3 KEY things you need to make a 250% return on ad spend.

Thomas came to Lurn with a ton of experience, after working at one of the biggest players in the business, Agora. Thomas has spent $30M+ on Facebook ads so far, and now generates a 250% return for Lurn.

In this week’s episode, you’ll discover all about…

  • Ads – What’s working right now, what you need to be aware of & how to SOLVE the “bad” changes…
  • The true “POWER” behind Facebook – How to make the AI work for you…
  • How to target the right AUDIENCE – This is the #1 mistake people make when they start…>

Thomas will dive deeper into his 5-step framework with Anik next Monday, April 11th.

Visit https://lurn.com/fbads for information.

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