Episode 225

How To sneakishly Target Your Competitor’s Best Customers – Rich Schefren

Rich Schefren is one of the original online marketers and the creator of the automated webinar back in 2007.

He’s worked with top entrepreneurs & businesses, including direct marketing behemoth Agora.

His latest venture is a program called “Steal Our Winners” where he teaches how you can spy on your competitors’ top customers and promotions.

You can follow Rich at www.strategicprofits.com

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Episode Game Plan:

Rich Schefren is one of the heavyweight champions of the internet marketing world. He’s coached some of the biggest names & businesses in the industry, including multiple divisions at marketing powerhouse Agora.

Now, he’s sharing how to use adware to “spy” on your competitors and build a targeted list for pennies.

By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…

  1. The three networks that have an inventory of pages you can track with adware…
  2. How to add people to your highly targeted list for about 3 cents each…
  3. The key Rich has discovered to building superior look-alike audiences on Google and Facebook…

Tune it now & discover Rich’s bonus tip on how to take advantage of YouTube’s latest algorithm changes to identify your best prospects.

Rich scored a rare TKO on this episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur

Watch now to put into action his brilliant tips for building your list.
You can follow Rich on Facebook & YouTube by searching for Strategic Profits or go to www.strategicprofits.com.

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