Episode 142

Direct Marketing Is Dead & I Can Prove It

R.I.P to Direct Marketing.

The old days of the one-way communication channels are dead.

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Episode Game Plan:

R.I.P to Direct Marketing.

The old days of the one-way communication channels are dead.

And if that’s too dramatic for you, then I’m sorry

…but it’s true.

Directing marketing is the one communication from company to consumer.

How do most people respond to direct marketing?

  1. Billboards – No one reads those
  2. Sales Letter by Mail – Look, I pay my bills online so everything else is just junk.
  3. Infomercial – What’s that? Is that on Netflix or Disney+?

In today’s consumer market, customers can interactive with our ads.

The power is in their hands and they decide how much to watch, whether to stay to the end, click skip or click the link on the ad. Based on what percentage of an ad the consumer watch, the marketer can make fine tune adjustments.

This is why I say direct marketing is dead and it has evolved into what I like to call Interactive Marketing.

The more you can engage the consumer, the more you can ask for responses and replies, the more you will get out of the marketing.

This increasing the experience and results of the consumer experience. The market has evolved – so your marketing must evolve too.

When you listen, you’ll hear how through interactive marketing and micro-commitments, I get 70+ of the top marketers committed to a launch that won’t even happen for another 7 months!

My question is where can you apply interactive marketing in your strategy?

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