Episode 246

How Students Make 5-Figure Months On Multiple Ecom Stores

Featured Guest: Dominick & Kerry and Peter

Join Anik Singal in the final episode of his eCom series with 2 student interviews.

He’s joined by husband and wife Dominick & Kerry and fellow star student Peter to share their ecom experiences.

You’ll also learn the latest results from Anik’s brand new store.

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Episode Game Plan:

Today, Anik interviews 3 successful ecom students consistently generating thousands of dollars per month in sales.

Kerry & Dom have been married for 40 years and currently run 2 ecom stores. They consistently hit thousands per month in each, with monthly highs of $10,000+.

Peter has been using this system for almost a year and hit $80,000 in revenue in 2021…

Not bad for someone who admits he knew NOTHING about this when he started.

On this episode, they reveal some of their best tips for ecom success…

  • Why adding new products is key, including multiple versions of the same product…
  • Follow the step-by-step system – all three say this works exactly as it’s laid out…
  • Lean into the amazing community of other ecom entrepreneurs – including the story of how Dom & Peter met!

They all followed the exact same system Anik has the past 3 weeks to go over $15,000 in sales!

Save your seat to join us TODAY – Monday, January 24th –  to see how this system works. Register at  https://www.lurn.com/22.

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