Episode 102

Will Self Driving Cars Ruin The World & End Human Life? – [Freedom Friday]

Technology is advancing every day.

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Episode Game Plan:

Technology is advancing every day.

While it looks completely normal on the outer surface, the truth is quite the opposite.

A storm is brewing… a technological revolution that could shake the transport industry to its core.

That’s right, self-driving cars are taking the transport industry by storm. With its advancement, job securities are declining.

The reality remains that the statistics aren’t in favor of drivers. Will this eventually ruin the world and end human lives?

In this episode, Anik dived deep into this topic and shared some shocking statistical studies that proved this crisis.

Podcast Keynotes:

  1. How self-driving cars ruin the world and end human lives… this is backed by solid proofs!
  2. Why unions will always lose to technological advancement due to one specific field of impact.
  3. A fast-growing startup that you may not hear of that is about to disrupt the Uber industry.

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