Episode 84

Facebook Is Listening To Your Phone Calls- Bloomberg Proves It!

Is Facebook having access to your personal information a good or a bad thing?

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Episode Game Plan:

In This Episode #84, I discuss:

  1. The Issue – Why It’s Good For Some & Why It’s Bad For Others…
  2. The Impact – Why I actually Like The Fact That Facebook Watches Me…
  3. Lies Exposed – The One Phone Conversation That Proves Mark Zuckerburg Lied.

Again, I think Entrepreneurs will be the ones to solve world problems and this Facebook privacy concern is an interesting one.

I’m going to continue researching and bringing you the latest issues that concern us as Entrepreneurs on Freedom Fridays – Listen to Episode #78 now!

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Source Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-13/facebook-paid-hundreds-of-contractors-to-transcribe-users-audio

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