Episode 200

#1 Secret Hack To Growing And Mastering New Things

Featured Guest: Anik Singal

Anik Singal digital marketing expert who’s sold more than $300 million online over the last 18 years.

His latest strategy takes advantage of a simple, yet effective method that he’s used to add eight-figures to his business.

Join us to discover the #1 secret hack that you can use to grow and master any new skill.

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Episode Game Plan:

For the last two years I’ve used a simple and effective method to add eight-figures to my business.

Also, I’ve used this hack to build my YouTube following to over 100,000 subscribers and get over 1.5 million views and listens on my podcast.

For my 200th episode, I have a challenge for you, that if you follow, you’ll be able to master any new skill that you want.

Whether it’s marketing, social media, paid traffic, funnels, etc. this episode will give the ability to grow and master new skills.

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