Episode 145

3 Tips To Help Create NEW Income! – I Am Scared Of Losing My Job…

Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty.

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Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty.

Many industries are hurting, and this has had a MAJOR effect on our economy.

This effect has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs, which in turn has a lot more people scared of losing their jobs too.

The latest studies show 3.2 Million people have applied for unemployment!

In the worst case, studies estimate 25 – 30% unemployment that we could hit!

If you are one of those people who have lost their job or are terrified of losing yours, I have 3 Tips to help you get some income going…

1. You need a Skill!

What do I mean by that? You don’t need to be a doctor, but you need to find a skill that you can you use to earn extra income.

Look into Upwork or Guru.com and see where your skills can be used.

  1. Data Entry
  2. Organizing Email
  3. Social media expert

2. If you are REALLY worried about income, I need you to Sell! Sell! Sell!

I need you to look around your house and see what you can sell. Do you have a fancy coffee maker that is collecting dust?

How about that exercise bike that’s in the corner of your living room still sitting on mile 1?

I challenge you to look around your house and find enough stuff to sell to get you 3 months of runway.

3. Passive Income Initiation

Here at Lurn we teach all sorts of ways to generate passive income.

  1. Building an email list
  2. Kindle publishing>
  3. High ticket closing

But none of these passive income streams will be built overnight. It’s going to take time… that’s why you need to spend time building your skill and selling some items to give you more time.

If you are worried about losing your job, these are my 3 Steps to get some income coming.

And here is something else.

-Go to Lurn.com and browse our courses.

[And if you’re not a member it’s free to sign up.]

Right now, we have a TON of courses that we’ve made FREE.

We want to help you during these hard times and this in just one of the many ways we are reaching out to help our fellow man.

Remember, stay inside, stay safe!

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