Episode 255

From Drugs To Millions in NFT – A Crazy Story

Featured Guest: Dan Dasilva

Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode for one of our most controversial and fascinating episodes every.

Guest Dan Dasilva has, unfortunately, done everything…

Drug dealing, drugs, rehab, made millions, lost it all and rebounded again.

This week, he reveals his crazy story to Anik. You won’t believe where it goes.

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Episode Game Plan:

Join Anik Singal on this week’s episode for one of the craziest episodes he’s ever hosted..

Online entrepreneur Dan Dasilva joins Anik to reveal his deepest, darkest secrets. From getting dropped into a mental hospital with ‘roid rage, to dropping out of high school, to dealing drugs and rehab…

Plus, his ability to bounce back time and time again. Now, he’s absolutely killing it with cryptos and NFTs…

Watch this episode to discover:

  • The trait Dan has that Anik respects immensely – the key to his ability to rebound…
  • How he hacked TikTok’s algorithms to build the perfect game plan for his channels and build massive audiences…
  • The model he’s used to go from completely broke in mid-2021 to consulting with NFT creators and generating over $17M in less than 8 months!

This episode is going to be one of the most amazing you’ll ever listen to…

And if you or someone you know has ever struggled with addiction, we sincerely hope Dan’s story gives you the inspiration to find a way through.

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