Episode 113

How He Made Passive Income In 13 Days Using AirBnB W/ Properties That He Didn’t Even Own.- Feat. MIke Gandia

Featured Guest: MIke Gandia

Is it even possible to earn money from real estate without any upfront investment?

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Episode Game Plan:

Is it even possible to earn money from real estate without any upfront investment?

Surprisingly enough, the answer is yes!

Thanks to the revolutionary platform, AirBnB, ordinary people are now able to earn nice recurring passive income without any investment or upfront payment.

You don’t have to drain out your savings to do this… This works even if you don’t own a property!

It all boils down to following a set of winning formula, and understand the pattern of profitability.

In this episode, Mike Gandia, revealed all his hard-won secrets of building a 6-Figure AirBnB empire without owning any property.

In this episode, I asked:

  1. Who’s Mike, and how did he come across AirBnB? (04:55)
  2. How to get your property booked up? (24:13)
  3. Where to find properties? (32:42)
  4. How to secure and negotiate properties? (40:59)

Podcast Keynotes:

  1. The “Treasure Map” strategy that allows you to make pure profits without buying a property.
  2. The demand for AirBnB in suburbia is lesser, right? Wrong! You’ll be surprised to know the earning opportunity in the area you live in.
  3. How Mike made $18,000 in just 13 days… All from just one property that he didn’t own.
  4. A cool app that allows you to meet a lot of real estate brokers. Plus, an unorthodox way to get more real estate properties without owning or renting them.
  5. Advanced tools and resources you need to find out the value of a property so that you can get more returns for revenue.

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