Episode 96

Freedom Friday – How Lobbying in a government works – Should Entrepreneurs have a lobby?

Lobbying was created for the good of our nation.

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Episode Game Plan:

Lobbying was created for the good of our nation.

With $3.4 Billion exchanged hands in 2018 alone, it has turned into a “legalized corruption.”

lobbying is becoming malicious…

We’re going to talk about what goes on in the underbelly of our government.

We’ll also discuss whether entrepreneurs should be involved or if we should just stop lobbying altogether.

Listen to this episode as I reveal these untold truths.

3 Keynotes:

  1. How lobbying in our country has turned their favors to special interest groups that could potentially bring more harm than good.
  2. How big companies use lobbying the bad way and win contracts.
  3. 3 solutions that can potentially bring lobbying back to its core purpose – which is true advocacy to the citizens of this country.

In Case The Need To Summarize The 3 Solutions:

  1. Private voting record – Lobbyists will eventually stop paying a huge sum of money to politicians.
  2. Limited terms for congress – This will limit public servants from getting too influential and causing irreversible damage.
  3. Bar public servants from lobbying for X number of years – this is the only way to protect the core purpose of lobbying.

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